Ain't Live Grand arrived from Koch Records and+went onsale on October 10th 2000. In the interim, the band hit the road with AC/DC since August.

As usual, Slash ROCKS, the whole album ROCKS! This Website rates this album at 9.5 out of 10!!! GNR fan or not, if you like Slash's guitar playing, you'll want to have this album in your collection! 

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Last night I was completely blown away ( and still half deaf from ) the Slash's Snakepit here in Syracuse, NY. I will be honest and say I never really followed any of GNR's spin offs or solo projects, but I think I will start with Slash's Snakepit.

You will have to forgive me as I don't know many of the bands originals, but they all sounded pretty good. Its a pretty tight band. They DID do some GNR songs ... they opened with Its So Easy ( the crowd went absolutely insane - I thought someone was gonna get killed! ) and later on did Mr Brownstone. It was a nice long set with a two sone encore at the end.

The whole night I waved my GNR hat ( its got metal plates on the front that says GUNS N ROSES and another metal plate on the .. brim? whatever that piece is called) right up front so the whole band could see it. The singer grabbed it and I thought he was gonna take it, but he just sorta giggled. The later on Slash
looked at it for a bit and you could tell he was laughing and shaking his head back and forth.

Slash is just an awesome stage presence, he was getting the crowd into it and letting us almost grab his guitar and what not. And their singer, that guy is amazing. He was just incredible the whole show, never let up, and was making the crowd scream along. The rest of the band was cool too. I was expecting one of them to "play Izzy" ( sorta just stand there the whole time ) but no one did.

After the show, a line formed for autographed. I was right near the front and as I  waited I noted they had put nametag in front of each seat; the nametags had the guys from the Rolling Stones names on them.

When I finally got up to get an autograph, I handed Slash the hat and my ticket stub and asked if he could sign them. He said, "Dude, I saw you waving this hat around all night!" .. to which I replied, "Well ya, I love the hat and I love you man, you're the best guitarist I've ever heard." ... Slash says, "Cool."

The rest of the band signed my ticket stub and they were just all around nice guys. You could tell they were happy to be out playing and for the attention. I would definitely se them again.

Now, I only hope when I go to see GNR play (when they finally come around) Axl will be in a good mood!

RaYzor, Syracuse NY

2009-01-25 21:22