November Rain Wedding dress

November Rain Wedding Dress & Video facts:
  • Wedding dress: $8,000

  • Specially constructed coffin: $8,000

  • Renting a symphony orchestra: $25,000

  • Specially constructed chapel: $150,000

  • Total cost of the video: $1,500,000+

  • Wedding dress designer: Carmela Sutera

  • All figures in US$

Making of November Rain

Stephanie seymour and Bride Stephanie close-up Axl rose wedding to stephanie seymour

The November Rain Wedding Dress, thousands asked about it! Hundreds of people say they want a similar dress for their marriage.

Axl Rose and Stephanie Seymour kissing

The wonderful November Rain Wedding Dress was designed by Carmela Sutera. Many people say they want a similar dress for their marriage. The black dress Stephanie Seymour wears at the reception later in the video is also designed by Carmela Sutera.

stephanie and Axl rose having a party and eating cake stephanie seymour in a car

The November Rain video tells the supposed tale of singer Axl Rose and model Stephanie Seymour getting married, having a party, and living out their lives together until death.

November rain Wedding Dress - Wedding Registry

Stephanie seymour dead in her coffin stephanie seymour in a coffin stephanie seymour coffin closeup

The classy video combines storytelling with live Guns N' Roses concert performances. Guns N' Roses actually paid for the video themselves, to insure that it looked as they envisioned. More interesting facts can be found in the "Making of November Rain video"

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