Biography of Eric Everly, ex-wife of Axl Rose

Erin Everly
(ex-wife of Axl Rose)

Name: Erin Everly

Daughter of: Don Everly (Everly Brothers)

Birthday : 1967

Occupation : Former Model

Has Been with : Axl Rose, Matthew Nelson, Anthony Kiedis, Donovan Leitch Jr, David Arquette

Erin Everly Axl Rose's ex-wife
Who is Erin Everly?

Erin Everly is Axl's Rose ex-wife. Yes, she is the daughter of rockstar Don Everly, of The Everly Brothers. For those of you who don't know who the Everly Brothers are, the song "Wake Up Little Susie" might ring a bell.

Erin and Axl began living together in 1986, was working as a model while Axl and his band, Guns n' Roses, started to make a name for themselves in the Hollywood music scene.

Guns n Roses hit it big in 1988 with, Sweet Child O Mine. The song was number #1. It was written for Axl's girlfriend, Erin Everly. Erin was also briefly featured in the "Sweet Child O' Mine" video.

Erin has said that Axl "proposed" marriage to her by coming over to her home at 4:00am and threatening to kill himself unless she married him that day. Axl and Erin were married on April 28th 1990. They drove to Las Vegas that day and married in a quickie ceremony. Less than a month after the wedding, Axl filed for divorce, but later changed his mind. That same year, Erin became pregnant but unfortunately had a miscarriage.

Axl in analysis two years later: "I cry every time I thinkof how horrible we treated each other. Erin and I treated each other like shit. Sometimes we treated each other great, because the children in us were best friends. But then there were other times when we ruined each other's life completely.")The marriage to Erin Everly ended abruptly amidst charges of physical abuse.

By the end of the 1990, Erin and Axl broke up for good. In January 1991, the marriage between Axl and Erin was annulled. Since the Axl Rose wedding of Erin Everly was annulled, Erin did not receive a hefty financial settlement that she would have if the marriage had ended in divorce.

In 1994, Erin filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Axl, claiming domestic violence. After the lawsuit was filed, Erin went public with tales of Axl inflicting emotional and physical abuse on her throughout their relationship. Erin was also subpoenaed in a lawsuit filed against Axl by his ex-girlfriend Stephanie Seymour. Erin's and Stephanie's lawsuits were later settled out of court.

In the years since the breakup with Axl, Erin has reportedly relied on family and friends for financial support. (In an interview, Erin said she even sold her wedding rings for cash.) In 1998, Erin gave birth to a son named Eason. She is married to man from a well-to-do Atlanta family. Erin currently lives in Atlanta and has chosen to stay out of the public spotlight for years.

In January of 2001, here's what Axl said to Rollingstone: ""Another song, called ''Oklahoma'' - heard tonight only as an instrumental - was inspired by a court date with ex-wife Erin Everly. ''I was sitting in my litigation with my ex-wife, and it was the day after the bombing,'' Rose remembers with a wince. ''We had a break, and I'm sitting with my attorneys with a sort of smile on my face, more like a nervous thing - it was like, 'Forgive me, people, I'm having trouble taking this seriously.' It's just ironic that we're sitting there and this person is spewing all kinds of things and 168 people just got killed. And this person I'm sitting there with, she don't care. Obliterating me is their goal.""

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