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Date 2004 News archive
2004 - Click here for latest news!
2004-01-15 VELVET REVOLVER: Bringing Chaos Back Into The Rock World
2004-01-15 GUNS N' ROSES Bassist Inks Solo Deal With SANCTUARY
2004-01-18 "Use Your Illusion World Tour" DVD makes it in the UK Top 10 Music DVDs and Videos
2004-01-19 Tribute Wars, "Mr. Brownstone" GNR cover band to compete
2004-01-20 VELVET REVOLVER Set First Single, Schedule Promotional Appearances
2004-01-20 Link to buy tickets for Rock in Rio 4 Lisbon - tickets on sale March 1st 2004
2004-01-20 Guitar Legends Attend JAMES BROWN Concert In L.A. - Exclusive photo
2004-01-22 Gilby Clarke has played in a bunch of other bands, too
2004-01-23 SCOTT WEILAND Ordered Back Into Lockdown Rehab
2004-01-23 VELVET REVOLVER: 'Contraband' Listening Session Photos Posted Online
2004-01-25 A Guns N' Roses tribute act is taking the classic tune "Sweet Child O' Mine" a bit too literally
2004-01-27 Remixers Make Howard Dean's Scream Funky And Danceable - Welcome to Dean's Jungle Remix
2004-02-01 Guns Ní Roses - Use Your Illusion 1 & 2 DVD Review
2004-02-03 GUNS N' ROSES Guitarist Records Song With THE COMPULSIONS

Celebrating a birthday - DUFF MCKAGAN TURNS 40 - Happy birthday DUFF


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Celebrating a birthday - AXL ROSE TURNS 42 - Happy birthday Axl

2004-02-15 Ex-GUNS N' ROSES Guitarist Breaks Up Cat Fight At Pre-GRAMMY Bash
2004-02-16 Slash Stops Cat Fight
2004-02-16 Ex-GUNS N' ROSES Guitarist, Wife Explain Pre-GRAMMY Incident
2004-02-16 AXL ROSE: Plastic Surgery Gone Awry
2004-02-17 ROSE PETALS!
2004-02-18 GNR's 'Hits' Coming Before New Album
2004-02-18 Report: GUNS N' ROSES May Sue To Block 'Greatest Hits' Album
2004-02-20 GUNS N' ROSES 'Greatest Hits' Album Information Page
2004-02-25 Universal Musi "Greatest Hits" promo video
2004-03-01 Buckethead official website ( has dropped a GNR-related section
2004-03-11 VELVET REVOLVER: 'Slither' Full Song Available For Listening
2004-03-13 Crash and burn - Guns N' Roses have a greatest hits out on Monday in the UK Additionnal information/discussion available here
2004-03-13 HOLLYWOOD ROSE - Pre-GUNS Ní ROSES Demos To Surface
2004-03-15 Guns N' Roses Sues To Block 'Greatest Hits'
2004-03-15 Guns N' Roses Files Lawsuit
2004-03-15 GUNS N' ROSES Bassist Sets Release Date For Solo Debut
2004-03-15 GUNS N' ROSES Guitarist To Embark On Solo Tour
2004-03-15 GUNS N' ROSES' 'Chinese Democracy': $13 Million In Production Costs (And Counting)
2004-03-16 GUNS N' ROSES' Petition Turned Down
2004-03-16 Gn'R Lose Compilation Lawsuit - Hits collection will hit stores next week
2004-03-16 STEVEN ADLER Addresses Canceled ADLER'S APPETITE Tour
2004-03-16 BUCKETHEAD Out Of GUNS N' ROSES?  Additionnal information/discussion available here
2004-03-17 STEVEN ADLER, IZZY STRADLIN To Collaborate On New Music
2004-03-17 Buckethead's Hand Puppet Says Goodbye To Guns N' Roses  Additionnal information/discussion available here
2004-03-19 GUNS N' ROSES Top U.K. Album Chart - Apr. 19, 2004
2004-03-22 GUNS N' ROSES: More 'Hits' Chart Positions Reported
2004-03-23 GUNS N' ROSES "Greatest Hits" released in the US
2004-03-25 GUNS N ROSES "Greatest Hits" straight to #1 in Norway!
2004-03-25 VELVET REVOLVER: Q Magazine Seeks Readers' Help In Composing Questions For SLASH
2004-03-30 Axl Cancels Rock In Rio Show, Blames Buckethead
2004-03-30 GUNS N' ROSES Cancel ROCK IN RIO Appearance, AXL ROSE Blames BUCKETHEAD
2004-03-30 Guns N' Roses officially cancelled their appearance at the Rock In Rio Lisbon concert, citing guitarist Buckethead's recent departure from the group as the cause of cancellation
2004-04-10 Guns 'n' Roses "Greatest hits" album in third position on Album Charts
2004-05-18 MMMBIO "The story of Guns n Roses" the past, the present and future of Guns n Roses (url fixed)
2004-05-02 Guns N' Roses' anthem Sweet Child O' Mine has the greatest guitar riff ever, according to a poll in a music monthly
2004-05-05 Axl Rose Sued By Ex-Bandmates
2004-05-21 VELVET REVOLVER "CONTRABAND" album available starting June 8th 2004
2004-05-22 Axl Rose considering interview - Not official yet - Keep up to date about this subject
2004-05-23 Lisa Reed (Dizzy Reed's wife) new book available: "Ember's Flame"
2004-05-26 VELVET REVOLVER: 'Letterman' Performance Available For Download
2004-05-27 Latest links to Velvet Revolver downloadables
2004-05-27 VELVET REVOLVER: NYC Show Attended By GNR Guitarist RICHARD FORTUS
2004-06-09 GN'R Bassist Works Solo While Awaiting Chinese Democracy
2004-06-10 GUNS N' ROSES Bassist: AXL ROSE In Producer's Chair For 'Chinese Democracy'
2004-06-14 Exclusive! Interview With Velvet Revolver Bassist Duff McKagan
2004-06-22 Hollywood Rose band CD release "Roots of Guns n roses"
2004-06-25 Why is Axl Rose eating Eminem's soul?
2004-07-03 VH1 SHOW: Behind The Music: Guns N' Roses - Monday July 5th 2004 10/9c PM
2004-07-07 GUNS N' ROSES Singer Loses Motion To Stop Release Of Early Recordings
2004-08-22 REAL first ever recordings of AXL ROSE with his FIRST band RAPIDFIRE. [Before Hollywood Rose]. These demos have been stored for over 20 years and are now being prepared for release
2004-09-08 AXL ROSE: More RAPIDFIRE Photos Posted Online
2004-09-08 Another GUNS N' ROSES Semi-Reunion: STRADLIN Jams With VELVET REVOLVER In Paris
2004-09-16 Dizzy Reed's Hollywood Bulldozer + Chinese Democracy NEWS
2004-10-12 GN'R Set the Record Straight
2004-10-26 AXL ROSE voice can be heard as a DJ on one of eight in-game radio stations players can listen to while cruising the streets of the fictional state of San Andreas in the highly anticipated game "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas"
2004-10-26 Hear Axl Roses's voice from the game "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas". Simply click this link and click on number 4.

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Main 2004 events:
"Greatest Hits" album released
"Roots of Guns n roses" album released

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