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Last updated: June 17, 2006 10:13:18 AM

Date 1999 News archive
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1999-01-07 Axl Rose Faces Friday Court Date
1999-01-08 Axl Rose Court Date Postponed, Band Back In Studio
1999-02-01 Axe-Man Slash Keeps Door Open To Guns N' Roses
1999-02-05 Another day, another uneventful court date for a high-profile musician
1999-02-18 Axl Rose Fined $500 For Phoenix Incident
1999-03-10 Luna Covers Guns N' Roses On Next Disc
1999-04-09 Information about Woodstock 1999
1999-05-19 Sheryl Crow Covers Guns N' Roses
1999-06-01 What really happened with the 'Get In The Ring' controversy of 1991
Classic Rock Magazine
1999-06-01 Axl Rose on the cover of the July edition of SPIN Magazine
1999-07-09 New Guns N' Roses Makes Mystery Debut; Live Album Sessions Underway
1999-08-03 Robin Fink leaves Guns N' Roses, Rejoins Nine Inch Nails
1999-09-08 New Guns N' Roses Song Expected In Schwarzenegger Movie
1999-09-22 Guns N' Roses Leader Breaks Silence, Dices Former Band mates
1999-10-15 Guns N' Roses Return With Aggressive New Single
1999-10-15 Old Guns Fire Up Live CDs?
1999-10-15 Guns N' Roses To Release Two-CD Live Set
1999-10-15 HEADLINE: Guns N' Roses To Release Two-CD Live Set on NOVEMBER 30th 1999
1999-10-25 HEADLINE: Guns N' Roses next release rumoured to be called "Chinese Democracy"
1999-11-08 GNR Album Title Reportedly Chinese Democracy
1999-11-11 Axl Rose Promises 'Melting Pot' Album From Guns N' Roses

Axl Rose A Conversation with Kurt LODER+ Real Audio!!!
1999-12-30 Slash, Others To Rock America's Millennium With Will Smith, Bono, More
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Main 1999 events:
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Live Era released 1999
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Tribute To Guns N' Roses 1999
Click here for information about the "Tribute To Guns N Roses" CD released November in 1999

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Last updated: June 17, 2006 10:13:18 AM

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