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Richard Fortus
(Replaced Paul Huge Summer 2002)
Name: Richard Fortus

Nick name:

Birthday : November 17th 1966

Hometown : St-Louis, MO, USA

Occupation : Guitarist

Bands : Love Spit Love, Psychadelic Furs, Ben Folds Five, Gravity Kills, N'Sync (Session Guitarist)

Who is Richard Fortus ?

Richard Fortus has shown his capabilities as a member of the re-formed Psychedelic Furs, which carried on from his project work in Love Spit Love.

Through 'Psychedelic Furs' Fortus originally formed a partnership with Richard Butler. This partnership continued to work well with his involvement in the Love Spit Love, but as of recent Fortus's side projects have included pop acts Britney Spears and N'Sync.

Richard Fortus is now a member of Guns N Roses, replacing Axl's childhood friend Tobias (Co-writing credits for Back Off Bitch w. Rose). According to rumors Tommy Stinson is the one who recommended Fortus.

Richard Fortus replaced Paul Tobias in summer 2002.

Here's what Axl Rose had to say about it in a august 14th 2002 official press release: "Paul helped us a lot in the writing and the recording of this record and to me was a vital part of not only the band but also my life. The world tour really wasn't his cup of tea whereas he's much more comfortable in a studio setting. We're fortunate to have found Richard who has this vibe kind of like Izzy but with amazing feel." - Click here for full text

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Richard Fortus joined GNR in Summer 2002

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