Biography - Dizzy Reed

 Dizzy Reed Name: Darren Reed

Nick name: Dizzy

Birthday : June 18th 1963

Hometown : Hinsdale, IL, USA

Occupation : Keyboard

Bands : The Wild, Guns N' Roses, Solo projects for Duff, Slash, and Guilby Calrke, Motorhead

Biography - Dizzy Reed
Who is Dizzy Reed ?

Dizzy reed joined Guns n' Roses a little by accident, he was a friend of Axl's and with his many talents made it to join GNR in 1990 (same time as Matt Sorum). His first concert with GNR was the two concerts at  Rock In Rio I concert in January 1991. Dizzy is still the last of original crew members of Guns N' Roses besides Axl. 

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