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Chris Pitman Name: Chris Pitman

Nick name:

Birthday : February 25th 1976

Hometown : Independence,MO

Occupation : Keyboardist/effects

Bands : Bourgeois Kitten, Replicants, Aenima

Chris Pitman

Who is Chris Pitman ?
He is the live keyboardist / effects man in GNR since 1998. He writes and records privately with axl, as they have collaborated on many songs including 'Madagascar'. He is an Multi/Instrumentalist on the recordings included are Keyboards, guitar, bass, vocals and programming. He's a official band member, and mostly does the live sound effects and some keyboard parts. He is necessary because of the complexity of some of the new material to be played live.

Outside of GNR, chris was founder of LA based Art Coalition, 'Priory of the North' which focuses on Conceptual/Public Art. His installations have been commissioned in many place around the world, including Rio de Janiero, United Kingdom, USA.

He studied at the Art Institute of Kansas City, as well as the University of Missouri-KC.
He worked with the controversial world renowned public artist Les Levine in 1993

Bands he's been with:
Lusk - In 1997 he recorded,produced and was the Lead singer and multi/instrumentalist in the Grammy nominated band Lusk.

Electric Company - he played live as well as synthesizer work for this band

Blinker the Star-
Replicants- with members of Failure
Sony Panic-
Zaum-as guitarist and lead vocals with Danny Carey of Tool
Medicine- with Brad Laner

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