Axl Rose lead signer of Guns n Roses biography

Axl Rose

Name: Bailey, William Bill (Axl Rose)

Nick name: Axl Rose

Birthday : February 6th 1962

Hometown : Lafayette IN, USA

Occupation : Singer, Entertainer, Pianist, Guitarist

Bands : AXL, Rapidfire, Hollywood Rose, L.A. Guns, Guns N' Roses

Axl Rose biography
Who is Axl Rose ?

Some say Axl Rose is the best entertainer on the planet. Ax Rose certainly had the world at his feet back in 1992-1993. Back in 1991, when the whole world was awaiting (the first) return of Guns n' Roses, one could real in Rock music magazines : "What the world needs is Axl Rose".

Axl Rose was a choirboy, gospel singer, pianist, and even taught Sunday school in his childhood. His extremely strict upbringing led him to rebel by the age of sixteen. Getting into trouble left and right with over 20 terms (he only admits to guilt on about 5 occasions).

Axl Rose was once known by the name of Bill Bailey. Bailey being his stepfathers name. He took the name of Rose when he found out when he found out it was his real father's name.

Rose felt that leaving Indiana was his only option so he took off in search of his friend Jeff (Izzy) Isbell, who had already left to seek fame and fortune in Hollywood.
In 1986, William legally changed his name to Axl. Axl Rose is the singer of Guns N' Roses since June 6th 1985 (date the band lineup was finalized). 
Axl Rose is multi-talented with an extreme and powerful vocal range, piano skills, and has even recently taken up the guitar to add to his abilities. Axl Rose is currently the only original member still part of Guns n' Roses. Axl Rose has also bought the name "Guns n' Roses" and is the sole owner of the name.

The year 2001 will certainly be remenbered as the year of the second return of Guns n' Roses considering that Axl Rose did 4 concerts (we'll just forget about the twice cancelled European tour). Axl Rose also said he was working day and night on a new album to be called "Chinese Democracy". Doug Goldstein (Guns n' Roses manager) also talked about the soon to be released album.

2002 will be remembered for the European Tour, the Axl Rose performance at the MTV Music Video Awards, and the North American Tour complete with two riots (Vancouver and Philadelphia) that came to a crashing halt in Philadelphia USA after Axl Rose again failed to show for a concert so the tour promoter pulled the plud on the North American Tour.

Axl rose is now believed to be working hard to finish the upcomming album "Chinese Democracy". Checkout the latest Axl Rose press release about the upcomming album.

Does the world still need Axl Rose? You betcha!

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