Paris 1992 concert thompson 1880 paris concert same concert

Same concert, different CD covers!

Before you go ahead and spend lots of money on a new bootleg, you should be aware ware that sometimes different companies release the same concert. For example, the Paris concert at the Hippodrome of Paris on June 6th 1992 was released by: Metal Crash, White Fly Records and OHM Records.

  • The Metal Crash release is the full concert and has a nice crisp sound.

  • The White Fly Records release is the full concert plus 6 bonus songs from the Tokyo Dome 1992. The sound has more "base" into it than the Metal Crash release.

  • The OHM Records release is exactly the same as the White Fly Records release.


1) Even if the CD's have different images on the cover, they might contain the same concert.

2) Check the date the concert was recorded on. But don't mix it up with the date the CD was printed.

3) Beware of bootleg CD's that do not specify the date of the concert.