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Credits and Copyrights

Credits: Reason:
Beta testers Viewing the site while it was under construction and letting me know of the broken links!
Eric Fillion Helping me make the first GNR Morph.
Joel Leake Encoding all those great MOV Guns N' Roses Videos.
Jeff Boerio Letting me "cut and paste" the Guns N' Roses lyrics from his page.
Carl Helping me STREAM the Real Audio sounds on my page.
Tibor Sehtl Lyrics from Rocket Queen Live
Sylvain Lamy "So Fine" midi sound he created for this page
Curt Davinson Just Another Sunday, Bring It Back Home Lyrics.
Sander Thomasrt For composing the Right Next Door to Hell MIDI.
Chuck England Copyright Information about "Only Women Bleed"
Sergio sanchez
Jeff Miller
Rodrigo Storino
Claudio Andres
Renato Gabriel
&Eduardo Costa
For telling me where to get the images and URL to audio from the Rock In rio III concert, PICTURES OF ROCK IN RIO CONCERT!


Brian A. Tang "Lyrics to Madagascar" and "The Blues"
Ricardi Miranda Making a GNR Wallpager!
Dennis Gorman Making a GNR Appetite Winamp Skin!

If you think your name should be up here, e-mail me!


Copyright INFO

The Guns N' Roses MYGNR Website does not intend to infringe, compete, or conflict with the copyrights of Guns N' Roses (including any present or former member) or anybody/any organization affiliated with them (this especially includes Geffen Records, BigFD Entertainment and Robert John).

Some Guns N' Roses related pictures are copyrighted Robert John and used with Robert John's permission.
Some Loaded related pictures are copyrighted Robert John and used with Robert John's permission.
This web site is in no way associated with Guns N' Roses, Inc., Uzi Suicide Records, Geffen Records, or Big FD Management.
The Guns N' Roses logos are copyrighted by Guns N' Roses
The "Appetite for destruction" rape scene painting is by Robert Williams
Some of the information, lyrics, images, sounds, videos, etc. may be Copyrighted by other sources. If you believe there to be a problem, please contact me and we can resolve this easily!
Please don't take anything from this website. This website is designed by Eric Romano. Use of these web pages is restricted to the visual enjoyment from your web viewer. Any attempts to take these web pages, their content, images, etc. may be a violation of applicable laws., Copyright 1995-2002 Eric Romano


I cannot guaranty the accuracy of any of the information supplied on this website. Also I'm not liable for anything on it or connected to it.
For the bootlegs (as in everything not from Geffen Record Company), there is no copyright indicated on them except for one bootleg which I will not take any sound from.
I don't think that the people won't buy a bootleg just because they heard a few minutes from it on my page, I believe that it may  help people decide is a bootleg is worth it or not.
For the MOV or Real Audio videos, I don't think that the people won't buy the Geffen Home Videos just because they saw some 30 second clips compressed in a tiny square on their computer with sound and image not even as good as the videos themselves. In fact, I believe it will spark people's interest in these Gun's N' Roses Geffen Home Video's, I think it will convince people to buy these Geffen videos.

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